Never Give Up

I’m a firm believer that since God has left me here on this earth after numerous physical challenges, He has me here for a reason. In my devotional this morning, I read that the writer has passed his “best by” date. Honestly, I had never heard old age expressed that way, but after some thought, I decided it’s accurate. There are many things I can no longer do, but there is so much still left that I am able to do. My physical limitations are there but so is my determination to get things done. I cannot take a bath anymore because it’s way too hard to get out of the tub. But, oh, the nice hot showers I enjoy! I cannot read a book and watch a TV show at the same time because my brain no longer likes to multi-task. But I can still enjoy both, just separately. (Although I must state a disclaimer here that my favorite TV show is now Christian music.) I cannot always remember why I have gone into a room, but while I am there, I occupy myself doing something else that may need to be done. You get the idea. As we age, we lose a lot of abilities, but one of the things I have gained is my thankfulness for each day that I awaken and my eagerness to see what the new day will bring.

I truly believe this Scripture, that my Spirit is being renewed daily as God draws me closer to Him. Today, I go to my new nephrologist, the one I requested since the previous one lacked empathy and compassion. I have no idea what the new doctor will be like, but I know that I prayed before I chose him and expect that God will work through him to help me keep my solitary kidney going for as long as possible. Meanwhile, I am thankful that I have a new doctor to see, thankful that my weight is down some and I have been able to eat a little better lately. Mostly, I’m thankful to be on the earth at this time, just where God wants me to be and I’m looking forward to finding His new purpose for each day that He has given me.

I pray that you will find the peace in your spirit today that you need to face whatever the day brings. Remember that the “best by” day may have passed, but that doesn’t mean you have lost your purpose or your usefulness. If you’re still here, God wants to use you. Be open to His Spirit and let Him tell you just what you can do for Him and His Kingdom today.

Have a blessed and awesome day in the Lord. Be your best. Do your best. In Him and for Him, you are the best you that He made. Be blessed!

9 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. Boy did this speak to me in so many ways. My body is failing too and this gives encouragement and a positive way of dealing with that to optimize what abilities we have left. Thank you Vickie :-). I hope your new doctor is kind, compassionate and competent.


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