Sunday Morning Musings

I start each day with devotionals and Bible reading, and Sunday, of course, is no exception. Today, I want to share with you the verses that spoke to my heart and pray that they will also speak to you.

In a world in which everything seems to be shaking, we are told to stand firm. Don’t pay so much attention to what is happening around you as to what the Lord has told you to keep busy doing, i.e. His work. Whatever we do for God has eternal rewards, but all of the time we spend worrying about the things going on in this world amount to nothing in the long run. I personally have just about stopped watching news shows. After all, my husband fills me in on the important things and then I don’t get so overwhelmed with all of the bad news that seems to be on 24/7. That leaves me more time to worship, praise, read God’s Word and do whatever tasks He has called me to do each day. Win, win!

We all get tired of doing nice things for others and then never getting any appreciation. But I have learned that it is not the thanks that I get from others that really means something to me. It is the good feeling that I get way down deep inside me, the feeling that God is pleased. So, while I am working for God (see verse above), I can devote myself to looking for good things to do for others.

Most of us wake up each day and have a plan for what we hope to accomplish. After decades of frustration, I have learned to give whatever plans I may have over to God and let Him bless them or change them. His way is always, always, always better than mine!

This final verse spoke directly to me as a comfort for my mental state these days. After years of belonging to the gym and going for water aerobics classes twice a week, my nutritionist told me last week that I should not begin exercising again until I can maintain a diet of at least 1400 calories a day. Well, with all kinds of dietary restrictions and a rebellious gastro system, I seldom make it over 1000 calories. Thus, my husband and I decided to drop our gym membership until some future date, yet to be determined. We have not been going due to Covid restrictions anyway, so it seemed to be an expenditure of funds that we could not afford. It was like we were donating to the gym but getting no benefits. Once I can exercise again, I will start with my home exercises first and see how that goes. God knows exactly what is going on with my physical body and encouraged me today with His Word that my training in godliness is eternally beneficial.

Well, that is all from me for today. It is almost time to awaken my husband and for us to head to church. I covet your prayers this week as I am setting off on a new adventure soon. My husband calls it my “deployment.” Our son contacted us that his regular childcare worker is not available and he needs help for the next couple of months. So, I am headed to Maryland while my husband stays here in Virginia, taking care of his commitments. I know that I will definitely enjoy being with the grandchildren (ages 6, 3 and 4 months), but I will also miss the loving care of my spouse and just the comfort of being in my own home. However, I choose to see this as a ministry of love and pray that God will strengthen me each day for the work He has set before me. If I’m not online much, now you know why.

Have a blessed day, a blessed week and keep choosing to do God’s will each day in every way possible!

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