A Prayer for You and for Me


Well, I have been in MD doing childcare for almost two weeks now. Unfortunately, this week I got sick, for the first time in over a year and a half. It started with the pre-schooler bringing home a cold from daycare and my body responded accordingly. Then, my asthma kicked in. So with nebulizer treatments, inhaler, OTC cold remedies and throat lozenges, I have been battling this thing since the beginning of this week. I finally called my doctor in Virginia yesterday and got her to send me a Medral pack of steroids to help break up the inflammation and hopefully calm the cough some. That being said, I am okay, but I must admit that I have been distressed. I want my husband to make me homemade soup, to rest in my own bed and to just be able to call my own physician if I need her. Oh, well…that’s not possible, so I am doing what is even better. I am calling on the God of Jacob to answer me in my distress and to heal me of this disease. I have seven more weeks here in MD and my days are very busy taking care of the four month old. God knows my needs and will meet me right where I am. My husband is coming up for a weekend visit next weekend and to celebrate his birthday with me. I have been too tired and ill to plan anything, but today is the day that I will set aside my physical weaknesses and do what needs to be done to take care of a plan for him and rest for me. Did I mention that I love the weekend? I’m “off duty” then so it’s great. I enjoy being with grandchildren, but I’m tired and God is calling me to rest and recuperate. So that is what my plan is for today.

May your day be blessed with answered prayers and the love of family and friends!

9 thoughts on “A Prayer for You and for Me

  1. Vicklea, I’m sorry you haven’t been well! I know how that goes – I got sick like that the day after subbing for a kindergarten teacher. 🙄
    I hope you’re getting plenty of rest and enjoying your husband’s birthday. (You don’t have to go out dancing to have a good time. 😉)
    You’ve made so many good book recommendations that I’ve taken you up on and loved. I have one for you (unless you’ve already reviewed it…??) – “The Woman at 72 Derry Lane.” I listened to it on audiobook, and it was great, especially with the narrator’s Irish dialect. A story to indulge in while you’re resting up. 😏💕

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  2. Vickie, keeping you in thoughts and prayers. Keeping up with a four-year old is a full-time job. I am pleased you can kick back on the weekend. Your husband’s visit will be just what the doctor ordered.


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