Still Here and Still Praising God

I sincerely appreciate my blog followers who are still following me even after long days (weeks, at times) of my absence. I am staying really busy in Maryland taking care of little ones and have very little spare time. So, I’m blessed that I do still have time for my devotionals and my Bible reading and an occasional post. Today’s post is from my devotionals today and Scriptures that are speaking to my heart.

I must admit that I haven’t been feeling very strong lately, either physically or spiritually. I’m still coughing a lot and using my inhaler, but I am feeling some better. I guess I got discouraged when the other family members got over this cold thing more quickly. But the Lord is my strength and will continue to hold me up through this test. The big problem for me is getting enough rest. At home, when I don’t feel well, I lie down and take a nap. That isn’t a possibility with a five month old to care for, so I would appreciate prayers for good rest at night.

Good thing that I know from whom my help comes. God, who made the whole earth, can certainly help me get through the next six or so weeks and be able to fulfill the commitment here in MD.

I hope you’re seeing the theme in my devotional today. I felt particularly weak and down-hearted today, so the Lord in His grace and mercy led me to Scriptures to encourage me in His strength.

Finally, although my time is not my own these days, I rejoice in the fact that God’s Spirit lives in me and in Him I have freedom. Freedom to worship and praise and pray, even as I hold a sleeping baby.

I hope this post finds you well and blessed and counting your blessings. I’m particularly blessed that my husband drove up from VA to be with me for his birthday tomorrow. I’m excited to see him again even for only a few days. Then he will return home and continue his responsibilities to family in VA. Which brings me to another prayer request, this one for our son. He is having hernia surgery on Tuesday and my husband is staying at their home to minister to him while he recovers. Please pray that the surgery and recovery period go well.

Thank you again for following, praying and befriending me. May God richly bless you from His great storehouse of blessings!

7 thoughts on “Still Here and Still Praising God

  1. Vickie, thank you for blessing me with these Scripture verses. They share the goodness of our Lord’s encouragement. Praying for your continued recovery as well as the energy needed over the next six weeks or so. I have walked the same surgical journey as your son. Praying for effective outcome from his surgery along with a patient and steady recovery.

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  2. Vickie, thank you for this post. It encouraged my heart today. Been battling a sore knee for a week now without much relief at all. Praying for healing, but every message I get from the Lord now is about his grace being enough and that he is all that I need, and so I am relying on that grace to make it through each day. And then I read this blog post of yours. So encouraging.

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