Connecting Through Prayer

I confess that this morning my faith is being tested. You see, our daughter, our little girl who is no longer little or a girl, has a surgical biopsy this morning and I’m not with her. She says it’s no big deal, that the surgeon is removing the entire growth and then they will biopsy it. It may be skin cancer, maybe not. But this mama’s heart is beating fast in spite of the fact that I awakened with a prayer on my lips and praise playing now in the background. So, I am asking for all of you believers out there to join me in prayer for Hope (her name), that the surgeon can remove the tissue he needs to remove and that healing will be complete in Jesus’s Name.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. The surgery starts at 10:30 this morning (DST).

My verse to encourage me for the day. It’s hard to put into practice, but God calls us to practice what we tell others that they should be doing.

Will you join me in prayer today, specifically at the time of her surgery? Thank you in advance and God bless you for your faithful friendship.

10 thoughts on “Connecting Through Prayer

      1. Hope is out of surgery and on her way home. Doctor thinks it’s basal cell skin cancer and more treatment may be needed after she finds out the biopsy results and the margins. Thank you all for your prayers.


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