Scriptures for Today

Since I start every day with devotionals and Bible reading, praise and prayer, I generally have God speak to me through His word. But I know for a fact that His word doesn’t only speak to my heart. It is for all of his children. So, I pray that these verses will speak to you as well.

No matter what I go through, God is always my refuge and strength. Sometimes I selfishly believe that I’m the only one going through such hard times, but God reassures me that everyone passes through the waters and he is with all of us. My current battle is with macular degeneration, the dry kind. I have a referral for a retina eye specialist in May, so I will know more then. For now, I’m content that my regular ophthalmologist says my numbers are “very good” and to continue to use eye drops regularly. What he doesn’t know is that I also pray regularly and know that will benefit me more than the eye drops.

God keeps telling me that the way of life is to give up this life and all its pleasures and to just focus on Him. I’m trying and some days are better than others. I desire to go to be with the Lord, but I also don’t want to leave loved ones behind. Nevertheless, God has clearly spoken to me that one day I will leave the earth behind and I will have no regrets when that time comes. I don’t want to be double-minded, so I’m praying to be more focused on Him and less on myself and my own selfish desires. When I woke up yesterday, one of my first thoughts was how grateful I am to have seen all of my grandchildren born and some of them becoming adults now. God is good, all the time!

May you be blessed as you read His Word today and focus on Him and His love for you. Have a great day with the Lord as your focus!

4 thoughts on “Scriptures for Today

  1. Vicklea, what you said about wanting to be with the Lord are almost word for word what Paul said in Philippians 1. When we know where we’re going, it’s tempting to want to just go there, but God’s not finished with us yet. 😉
    P. S. Praying for healing for your eyes. 🙏❤️

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