What Do You Really Need?

Sometimes, rather often actually, I get my needs mixed up with my wants. When I do that, I find myself unsatisfied with myself and pouting at God for not supplying all of my wants. Then, He gently chides me and reminds me that needs and wants are completely different. For example, I would really like to have a home in a suburb, closer to hospitals and as I call it, civilization. But do I need that? No. We live in a rural area and we are fine here, at a distance that is inconvenient but not impossible.

Note the use of the word NEED here.

Too often, more frequently than I like to admit, my mind spirals off into the world of โ€œwhat ifsโ€ and I begin to fret. For a person who claims to have unshakeable faith in God, I get really upset with myself when that happens. I have to hold on to the Scripture above and remind myself that God gives me a train ticket for each hour of each day, not one for the next day. He provides what I need when I need it, and worrying about things will not change the course of events. But prayer does!

Have a wonderful and blessed day, watching for how God fulfills your needs and thankful that He provides for each of us.

2 thoughts on “What Do You Really Need?

  1. This is absolutely true….for I at times can find myself worrying unnecessarily in regards to what He has ALREADY PROVIDED!!! I ask Him to correct me whenever I go down that path or any path that doesn’t brings Him glory. I always run back and apologize to Him. He’s so loving and understands that we will reach to that place but will never leave us there to wallow. God bless and continue to keep you my friend โค

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