A New Heart

When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior almost five decades ago, I did not know all of the benefits that I would receive from my relationship with Him. I just knew that I had read the Book of John, knew that I was a lost sinner without Him and asked Him to forgive me and live in my heart. One of the most special benefits that I have found in this relationship is that my heart is new, not the same at all as before salvation.

This verse from the prophet Ezekiel was written to the nation Israel and part of the prophecy about their restoration. But isn’t it true of each of us Christians, too? God has given us a new heart, one that is open to His Spirit and to hearing the cry of others who are lost just as we once were. I cannot hear a siren of an ambulance without praying for the person that they are rushing to rescue. Why? Some would say because I was once in that vehicle rushing to a hospital after a stroke. But that isn’t the reason because I have been praying after that sound for years before my stroke, that God would comfort the person, give wisdom to the caregivers and medical personnel and give peace to the family members. I can only attribute my call to prayer as a change in my heart. Pre-salvation, I would hear a siren and just keep on with my busy life. Now, I feel I am much more open to God’s Spirit and His leading me, not only into prayer but in going to places and to doing things that I may not be comfortable doing but that I feel a strong pull of the Spirit that He wants me there doing what He is calling me to do. I am thankful for this verse in Ezekiel because it confirms what I knew had taken place on February 28, 1973. My heart changed and I became a new creation in Christ.

Think about all of the changes in your heart and how the Holy Spirit has led you since you came to know the Lord. Be mindful that He is a creative God and is ever changing us, for our benefit and for His purposes. But, like a gentleman, He waits to be asked in. I hope that you have invited Him into your heart and that you are finding great pleasure in living for Him. I know that I am!

I’m praying for God’s best for you today and that you will pause, consider the beat of your heart and how God has changed it into a new heart that is beating for Him. Have a great weekend! Be blessed to be a blessing! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

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