What is a hymn? I’ve always thought of it as a song from the book in church, one with verses and a chorus. At http://www.dictionary.com, the word hymn is defined as a song or ode praising God. So, the purpose of a hymn is to praise our Lord. Isn’t that wonderful to know on the day called Maundy Thursday? This is the day on which Jesus established the Last Supper with His disciples and washed their feet, leading by example even before He suffered on the cross.

So, the definitions are done, let’s get to some favorite hymns and choruses for Easter.

Crown Him With Many Crowns by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman

This is one of my favorite hymns ever, although not this version because it wasn’t around when I was growing up. I had to learn twenty-five hymns by heart and sing them a cappella to our choir instructor in order to be in the choir at the Presbyterian church I attended with a friend. Sharon, my friend, finished the task right away because she had been attending church for years already. I was new at the whole church thing but I was all in for singing hymns, so I studied and studied, memorizing all of the verses and singing them with all the talent God gave me. I used to have a clear alto voice and sang joyfully and loudly for anyone who cared to listen. Today, my voice cracks, but I still remember fondly the hymns I memorized years ago and many of the words to those songs have given me strength when I needed it. This is one of those hymns.

Here I Am to Worship by Maranatha Music

This is what I would call a chorus, with many repetitive words that are memorable and meaningful. This is one of those songs that was on the screens at various churches I attended, one that I sing to myself sometimes when I am alone and no one except the Lord can hear my feeble attempts at praise. This is special to me because it reminds me to take time to worship God, not just to make petitions to Him, but to really worship Him. It is showing reverent love to the One who created me and who has kept me safe and on the right path all of these years.

How Great Thou Art by George Beverly Shea

If you ever listened to a Billy Graham Crusade, you heard this distinctive voice singing this song because he appeared frequently. I used to be at my grandparents’ house when they watched Billy Graham and you could hear a pin drop during the minutes that Mr. Shea sang this song. He was a favorite of my grandparents and his voice singing this song resonates in my heart still today, bringing back fond memories of Nanny and Pa sitting and quietly listening and probably reflecting on their lives.

I hope that you will feel free to share with me some of your favorite hymns or choruses. There are many more, but these are my top ones, especially for this season of celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior.

May God bless you richly with a song in your heart and peace in your soul.

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