Review of WHEN THE MEADOW BLOOMS by Ann H. Gabhart

This is such a heartwarming and sweet story of a family in crisis who need to find each other in order to survive. Rose Meadows is a widow with two young daughters, barely surviving in 1925, when she contracts tuberculosis and has to be put into a sanatorium. With no other recourse, Rose has to leave her two daughters, Calla and Sienna, at a local orphanage, supposedly for only a short while. The short time keeps getting extended because of Rose’s health and the girls are having a hard time surviving the dictates of the leadership at the orphanage. Calla and Rose both write a letter to the only person that they think may be willing to help, their reclusive uncle and brother-in-law, Dirk Meadows. The story is so well told that it was like I was seeing a movie in my head of all of the past hurts and all of the healing that had to take place. Dirk was hurt physically, but more than than, he was wounded emotionally and spiritually. In helping Rose and her girls, he opens himself up to more pain but also to a healing beyond his imagination. This book includes some suspense about how to get the girls out of the orphanage as well as a mystery as to what happened to Dirk’s first love who seemingly disappeared after his accident. Calla’s desperation to stay at Uncle Dirk’s farm was evident and gut-wrenching. She was willing to sacrifice everything just to have a place to live that was good for her little sister. Sienna touched my heart with her simple love of nature and acceptance of all things good. Rose’s predicament was realistic and horrifying and then such a sweet turn-around when she is safely ensconced in her new home at The Meadows. The whole story was fast-paced and a joy to read. I raced through the pages to find out what would happen to Rose and the girls, but I also wanted to know what, if anything, would open up Dirk to forgiveness and love again. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to those who enjoy historical fiction, romance and mystery because this book has it all!
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Rated PG. This is a clean Christian read but has some disturbing content about the treatment of children in the orphanage.
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