During the pandemic, I discovered a new way of communication with my distant family members. I had used FaceTime occasionally but during the pandemic, I found myself craving to see the faces of my loved ones. Just hearing their voices was not satisfactory to me. So, once a week, we scheduled time on FaceTime. I even used Zoom once with my daughter and her family at home and my college-aged grandson on his campus. How delightful it is to see their faces! I still use this miracle of technology these days. Yes, I can go visit them now, but not as often as I would like to, so seeing their faces on the screen is like desert in a dry place for me.

My devotional this morning was about connecting with God. No, I don’t FaceTime with Him, but I do call on Him. I praise His Name, tell Him all about my struggles and what I need help with, and then I listen. I know He listens to me because there is a feeling of peace that goes with me throughout the day after my quiet time with God. And the least I can do is listen to Him. Sometimes, He speaks to my heart and tells me to calm down and just wait. Sometimes, He speaks to me through His Word. Sometimes, He speaks to me through a song I hear as I worship. But, no matter what, He always listens. He knows what I am going through and our relationship is important to both me and to God. How do I know that? Because He loved me enough to send His Son to die for me, so He is not going to leave me now. His Word tells me that He will never leave me and I believe Him. So, I can’t see God, but I can feel the touch of His Holy Spirit all around me. I call and He answers. Sometimes it’s not the answer that I wanted, but He‘s a good Father and He always answers with just what I need for that time. Meeting with God daily is nourishment to my soul, the food I need to get through every hour of every day.

Have a blessed Sunday! I hope that you are planning on going to church and meeting with your brothers and sisters in Christ. May the Lord hold you close and answer when you call on Him today and every day.

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