Not Perfect Yet

I used to sing this song when I was younger, especially with my children and with the children that I taught in various church classes. It has been in my mind a lot lately, so when my devotional this morning led me to the verse below, I decided I needed to share it. It gives me hope because I’m not perfect yet, but He’s still working on me. Like a construction zone in Pennsylvania that seems to be endless, God is still making me into the image that He created me to be.

I have started many projects that I have never finished, but the good news is that God finishes everything He starts and I’m a project that is in the works. You are, too, and that is worth a big “Hallelujah” to the Lord, our Maker, our Creator and the One who finishes what He begins.

Have a wonderful day and may you be blessed with the knowledge that God isn’t finished with you yet, but you’re not what you used to be! Every day is a new day in Him and a day for Him to work on each of us some more! Hallelujah!

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