A Troubled Heart

The Bible tells us not to let our hearts be troubled and then explains that it is our faith in God that keeps us on the narrow path to victory. We just have to believe! Since “trust” is my word for this year, God has had me in some situations where I can do nothing less than trust, and many times, nothing more either.

But there is another word from the Lord that helps me to remains on a steady course, with my eyes fixed on him.

I just have to keep my focus on eternity and the fact that everything around me is temporal in order to build my own faith. This sounds like some kind of circular enigma, but the truth is that I keep my heart on the things of Heaven and the trust that I need to get through difficult situations follows.

My cat is a strange one, very loving, and very attached to my husband and me. We are her people. When I get out her food, she follows me around, with her eyes on the container until I put it in her dish and put the dish on the floor. She is single-minded, focused on getting that food. She completely trusts that I will give her the nourishment she needs but she still keeps her eyes on me and the food. That is how I think God wants us to focus on Him. We trust that He is going to take care of us, but we still keep our eyes fixed on Him, waiting for that moment when the blessings come, or maybe the answers to a prayer that we have been praying for a long time. Focused, fixed, single-minded…all lead to trust in the Only One whom we can completely trust.

Have a blessed and wonderful day and may God fill your hearts with trust in Him as you keep your heart fixed on Him.

6 thoughts on “A Troubled Heart

  1. I can relate to that single minded focus pets have when it comes to their food even though they know that they will get it. It is a very good analogy. That singular minded focus on God is something I hope to grow in.

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