Only a Prayer Away

Sometimes I get lonely for my family members. Some of them are very distant, like my brother in Colorado and our daughter in northern Pennsylvania. When that happens, I send a text or I call, just to connect with them. Sometimes, I get lonely for the touch of God, to feel His presence surrounding me. When that happens, I quiet my busy self and just spend time with Him, knowing that He is only a prayer away. I know that He never moved, never left my side, but I often move away from him because I get busy with other things and lose my awareness of His presence. The important thing for me to remember is that He never moved at all. He is right there, waiting for me to call on Him and admit my need for Him in all aspects of my life.

These are the promises from my devotional this morning. I have been busy this week with family time as we have been visiting our daughter and her family. Nevertheless, God reminds me that He is right there, waiting for me to call on Him. As we near the end of our visit, my heart aches because I don’t know when I will see these beloved ones again. I do know that God will go with me as we travel south again, and He will also remain right beside my loved ones, holding all of us close until we can meet again.

May God bless you with the knowledge of His presence and the reality of His love.

4 thoughts on “Only a Prayer Away

  1. At the mall where we used to live there was a children’s area, like a little indoor playground with seating for parents all around. The kids would play, oblivious to the fact that their parents were right there watching them. I used to think how much we’re like those preoccupied kids, oblivious to our Father’s presence.

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