The Right Way

In today’s tech savvy world, just about everyone uses GPS to get to their destination, whether it be on the car satellite or on the phone. But most of us have learned from experience that even Google makes mistakes. I know, gasp! Right? In April, my husband and I went to meet an author in North Carolina. Leaving the motel, Harry turned on the phone GPS and followed its directions. It actually took us to the address we were looking for, but in a neighboring town, fifteen miles away from the actual location. We discovered that others at the meeting had been led astray by Google Maps, too. We were actually less than a mile from the bookstore destination when we were at the motel. But we drove over thirty miles out of our way because the GPS led us in the wrong direction. That’s why we have to be careful to check out our compasses!

When we are uncertain about which path to take, we have to take time to listen for God’s quiet voice, directing us in the right way. I have often gotten off the right path and not only does God lead me back to the right one, He does not chide me the whole way back or tell me, “I told you so. You just wouldn’t listen!” He just loves me into choosing the right path again. His voice may be behind me, speaking in my ear, but His Spirit goes before me, leading the way, if I will just open my eyes and follow.

I think that sometimes my straying from the right path is because I am following what I think will lead me to where I want to go, in pursuit of my own pleasures. But I have discovered that if I put God first, He leads me in the way that is right for me and that will also result in my receiving the true desires of my heart. These two Scriptures were together in my devotional this morning and I had to ponder how they merged together. I see it now and hope that you do, too.

Finally, there is this verse that admonishes me to guard my heart because in doing so the course of my life is determined. If my heart is set on following God, then my path is straight and my desires are fulfilled. Perhaps the biggest error I make is expecting that God’s desires are the same as mine. His desires are to carry out His purpose for my life and they are much loftier than anything I can imagine, so I need to get in step and follow His pathway in order to get to the correct destination.

May each of your steps today be ordered by the Lord and may your day be blessed with His desires for you.

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