God Does Not Change

The words that start this verse are important ones that mean a lot to me right now. Life has dealt us some tough blows lately, BUT THEN… Yes, our granddaughter had a seizure in the pool and was in ICU for three days. But then, God intervened and healed her and she is home again. Yes, our oldest grandson from the same family went off to Navy boot camp, fully expecting to complete the training and be a sailor. But then, he did not adjust well and is coming home next week. His new plan is to pursue a career as a software engineer after he finishes college.

We all make plans and then they get changed, by circumstances or other people’s choices or just life. I’m not the most flexible and adaptable person, as my husband will attest to. I hate change of any kind! I think that is why my life as a military wife was brutal for me. We moved every 2-3 years, to a new place with new people and a new job for me to look for. But then, God always went before me and prepared the place that He wanted me to me. Jobs, housing, friends. Nevertheless, I still reject change and changes of plans. But then God tells me that He is the same God that He has always been in my life, so I can trust Him to lead me through yet another challenge. Yes, the word is through. I have found that God seldom removes me from the challenge (or change, if you like). Instead, He takes me through to the other side and onto the next challenge.

Just as God led the Israelites in the wilderness, He is always leading me. He hasn’t changed and become absent in my life just when I need Him most. Unlike the Israelites, I’m not building idols in my wilderness to seek help from them. Instead, I try very hard to pray more, read my Bible more and to seek the counsel of wise leaders who are led by God. Like a light in a dark tunnel, God leads me if I will just open my eyes.

I may not always be happy with my circumstances, but I am always aware that no matter what happens, God is walking right beside me. The same God who healed me after my stroke, the same God who took care of me during all of my many surgical procedures, He is the same God who comforts me and tells me that He is with me to the end. Yes, life is tough. Most people reply to that, “But I’m tougher.” However, my reply is that “God is in control and He is tougher than anything that life throws at me.” One kidney and it’s beginning to fail? Not a problem for God. You see, no one leaves this earth alive and I know that I know that God will determine the number of my days on this earth and how I will die. So, the thought that my kidney is not the same as it was twenty years ago is not a big thing for me because I remember all that God has already done and I know that this, too, He will take care of. He may heal me and that would be great. He may call me home to be with Him, and that will be even better! Remembering what God has done helps me to look forward with anticipation to what He is going to do next.

How about you? What is your testimony about God? What do you remember about His great deeds on your behalf? I can remember all that He has brought me through and trust Him to take care of the future.

Have a blessed day and may you remember with thanksgiving all that God has done already in your life.

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