A Perfect Gift

When my children were younger, it was easy to find a gift that would please them because they wanted just about everything they saw on TV or that their friends had. So, from their lengthy wish list, I chose a gift or two and they were generally happy. As they got older, it became more of a challenge to find something to surprise and satisfy them. As a result, I had each child create a wish list on Amazon and I choose gifts from that list or similar to items on that list. I also always add a surprise that isn’t on the list since I listen carefully to our conversations all year long and try to glean from those the information I need to make informed and wise gift choices. The gifts I choose are not always perfect, but they are always appreciated. It makes my heart happy to see sweet smiles and hear a grateful “thank you.”

In my devotional this morning, I was reminded that I don’t have to present a wish list to God in order to receive gifts from Him. In fact, getting up this morning is a gift, seeing photos online of my grandchildren having weekend fun is a gift, meeting our son today to celebrate his birthday is a gift. Everything I have is a gift from God, especially my health and my attitude of gratitude. It was not always that way. I used to complain about everything, even after I became a Christian. Yes, that suit you chose for me is nice, but the color is all wrong. I like the cute socks you got, but they are a little too thick for me. Get the idea? Nowadays, and for the past two decades or so, I have been practicing being grateful, especially to God, for the little things and the big things that He does for me every day. God chastised me about my complaining spirit and that is a habit I have to consciously be aware of and flee from.

Of course, the best gift God ever gave is His salvation to us by sending Jesus to die for us on the cross. But God didn’t stop there. He also sent His Holy Spirit who guides and comforts us. He sends us promises in His word, promises that He fulfills daily. In addition to the verse about God’s perfect gifts, I read a verse this morning that spoke to my heart about one of the gifts that I hold most dear.

This is a promise that I cling to when I am afraid, and there is a lot that makes me fear sometimes. I don’t like to be alone at night, but sometimes my husband has to go see his brother who is about five hours away and he spends several days and nights there. But I hold tightly to Psalm 91 and the verse above goes right along with it. The Book of Psalms is filled with God’s promises. In fact, if you follow David Ettinger’s posts, he wrote about Psalm 67 this morning and the glorious promise that Jesus will return.

We are meeting our son today and celebrating. I hope that he will enjoy his gifts, but mostly I pray for him to have a good year, one filled with hope in God’s promises and confidence that God is in control. Having a God-centered life is the best gift of all!

May you have a blessed day with time to reflect on God’s gifts to you and how perfect each one is, especially the timing when He gives them.

4 thoughts on “A Perfect Gift

  1. This is just so true. Love this!
    “Everything I have is a gift from God, especially my health and my attitude of gratitude.”

    And yes, this is the best gift ever!
    “… the best gift God ever gave is His salvation to us by sending Jesus to die for us on the cross.”

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