Did you see this verse in which it states clearly that endurance is taught in the Scriptures? It is also learned through life experiences. And the end result is hope. Our daughter is named Hope and there is an interesting story behind her name. My husband is a twin, but his twin Beverly died at birth while he lived. His mom was always saddened by the fact that she never had a little girl, although she was blessed with three strapping boys. When I got pregnant, I shared with her that I hoped to have a girl and she immediately told me that the male determines the gender and her side of the family only had boys. Nevertheless, I dared to hope that our first baby would be a girl, even choosing the name Hope and the middle name Ellen (her Grammy’s name). When I went into labor at the end of August, before the time of gender reveals and ultrasounds telling you the sex long before the due date, I was still hoping that the baby would be a girl but I wasn’t going to be surprised to have a boy instead. After a very short labor (less than four hours from beginning to end and another answer to prayer), our little miracle was born. A girl! Hope Ellen Watts was born at 3:15 in the afternoon on August 31st! Now, when I am praying and think about how impossible it might be for God to answer, I remember that day in the hospital when SHE was born. She lives up to her name, too, spreading light and cheer wherever she goes. I’m sure her grandmother would be so proud of the beautiful young woman she grew up to be. Grammy lived to see Hope settled meet a few of her great grandchildren, but no one seemed to touch her heart as much as Hope Ellen, her namesake and the girl who was supposed to be a boy. Encouragement, endurance and hope!

Have a blessed day today and remember to smile at others. It may give them some hope!

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