A Call to Action

I only hear snippets of news throughout the day because I have purposed to just not listen to all of the negativity. My husband shares things with me that he thinks I need to know and pray about, but my days of watching news broadcasts from morning to evening are long done. I have entered a time of watchful expectation. I see what is going on, I hear what others are saying and I know that the Lord cannot tarry forever. He will have to judge the world for their sins that are polluting the entire earth that He created for good.

No, I am not a prophet and I am not saying that the return of Jesus and God’s judgment are imminent. I am, however, saying to be ready and to be aware that the time is coming. In the Book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon seems like he is on a real downer kind of trip. Solomon, the man with hundreds of wives and concubines, a huge palace, servants to do his bidding all the time, and the one who built an impressive temple for God seems to be in a real depression. That man is having some real “come to Jesus” moments in Ecclesiastes and this verse portrays one of them. I agree with him in that everyone should be mourning. What are we mourning? The death of sanity, the loss of common sense and the complete destruction of the moral compass that God put inside mankind but which man in his own attempt at control has chosen to destroy, not just to ignore. Instead of mourning the sins of ourselves and our nation, we seek constant pleasure wherever we can find it, trying desperately to block out that still small voice that insistently calls us to His throne and to repentance. Earlier in this chapter in Ecclesiastes, Solomon says that everyone dies. Well, of course! But everyone does not have to spend eternity in hell as is the destiny of so many who refuse to acknowledge the King. I never realized before that Solomon’s Book of Wisdom is also a call to repentance if we can only pause and listen. The days are short, we just don’t know how short before the Lord’s return. But we do know that we are called to repent, to turn from wickedness and to change our ways. Thus, those of us who are about the business of the Lord are in mourning, for nations and their people who are burying their heads in the sand and thinking that God cannot see them for what they are. Let’s not be foolish but wise. Let’s mourn for the losses but let us also take up the mantle of the Good News and declare His Truth to all, whether they want to hear it or not. They need to hear, and we need to tell.

Have a blessed day, my friends, and may you find the courage to boldly speak the truth to at least one lost soul today.

2 thoughts on “A Call to Action

  1. You made an excellent choice in the Ecclesiastes verse to encapsulate the message of today. God does not call all people to Him; but He does call His people to obedience, and we have not obeyed. We have been foolish. I join in your ranks of those who stand up for God, who truly wish to walk in obedience and humility of heart, and who call upon all God’s people to repent and turn to Him.

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  2. What a great summary of how believers should view the present day. Lately I have had an old rock song playing in my mind whenever I pass a huge house near us that’s been under construction for the past decade… “Dust in the Wind.”(Kansas)
    PRIORITIES! As you said, we (believers) should be about our Father’s business, whether Jesus is coming back today or a hundred years from now. Let’s preach the Good News! Not the news that circulates every day, making people sick.

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