God’s Work

Did you know that you were created by God with a specific purpose in His mind? And not only that, but He has work for you to do for Him while you are on the earth.

Whatever He tells us to do, we are to do wholeheartedly. I know that when I was a child and my mom gave me a list of chores for the day, I was generally not a happy camper. The same thing was true of my children as I divided up the home chores for all of us to pitch in and do. God’s giving us work to do is like His dividing up the chores between all the people He has created so not one person is expected to do it all. We do our share, others do theirs and the work of the Lord gets done.

Have a blessed day and enjoy doing the work that God has tasked you with, knowing that He trusts you to do it and do it well.

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