Review of PLEASE JOIN US by Catherine Mackenzie

Twisted does not even begin to describe the plot of this book! It’s more like driving on a curvy mountain road with all kinds of switchbacks that you weren’t expecting and a tractor trailer tailgating you. There were so many unexpected surprises that I just sat back and decided to enjoy the ride instead of trying to figure it all out. Not only was the plotting phenomenal, but the characters were completely fleshed out, with their flaws and weaknesses on display for all to see. Nicole is the lawyer in a large firm, but her job may be ending because the powers that be in her organization are no longer standing behind her. Desperate for that elusive success, Nicole receives an email from an organization called Panthera Leo inviting her to join a group of powerful women who make things happen in their lives and in their careers. Thinking she has nothing to lose, Nicole attends their weekend getaway. And that’s what happens next. Her life gets away from her, out of her control, bouncing to places and events that she never dreamed would happen. The sub-plot of her relationship with Dan was also mesmerizing as he just came across as a good guy who wanted whatever would make Nicole happy. Meanwhile, Nicole has a whole set of new lady friends and something weird is going on in her career, something remarkably unexplainable. Without giving the twists away, I cannot tell you much more about the plot except that this book captivated my imagination like no other book has lately. Told with real emotion and some evil manipulations that are somewhere in another stratosphere, this book is one that no one who loves suspense thrillers should miss. In fact, it’s a good thing that the book is listed as fiction or I would be trying to join Panthera Leo myself. Realistic book with so many wow factors and including so many details that demonstrated excellent research. Creativity and imagination combine to make this story one of the best fiction books that I have ever read!
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Simon and Schuster via Netgalley and also a hard copy from them via mail. I was not required to write a positive review, but I was absolutely delighted to do so for such an amazing book. The opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising.”

This book is a hard PG-13 for me because of subject matter. It deals with a secret society that has a lot of weirdness going on in it and some cult-like aspects.
Catherine McKenzie was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. A graduate of McGill in History and Law, Catherine practiced law for twenty years before leaving the practice to write full time. An avid runner, skier and tennis player, she’s the author of numerous bestsellers including HIDDEN, FRACTURED, THE GOOD LIAR and I’LL NEVER TELL. Her works have been translated into multiple languages and THE GOOD LIAR, YOU CAN’T CATCH ME and I’LL NEVER TELL have all been optioned for development into television series. Photo and bio are from the author’s website at

Pre-order now! This book releases on August 23, 2022. Here are purchase links for your convenience:

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With deep appreciation to Simon and Schuster for the copies of the book that they provided me, including an e-book on Netgalley and a hard copy that I received via mail.

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