Sweeter than Honey

Video of hummingbirds at feeder from YouTube

I have hummingbird feeders just outside my window that I watch daily from my recliner as I read my Bible, pray and then spend time in meditation. They are fiercely devoted to filling themselves with that sweet nectar. May we be equally devoted to God’s Word.

Sweeter than Honey and the Honeycomb, song

We used to sing this song in one of the churches that we attended. The words have stayed with me through the years. Good to remember how sweet God’s Words should be to our ears, as we crave insight into His character by reading His Word.

Have a blessed and very sweet day!

One thought on “Sweeter than Honey

  1. Vickie, thanks so much for sharing this blessed hymn as well a special verse from Psalm 119. Indeed, life’s lasting sweetness is nourished by God’s wise Word. Blessings to you as the hummingbirds remind you of the Lord’s presence.

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