Never Separated

When I was a young bride and married less than six months, my husband’s ship moved from Virginia to South Carolina. I was under contract to teach in Virginia, so I had to stay there while my new husband moved to South Carolina. About a month after he moved, I got the welcome but unexpected surprise that I was pregnant. So, I was living alone, pregnant for the first time and feeling somewhat lonely. We had a church home in Virginia and the people there were great, encouraging me and helping me when I needed it. The Scripture verse for today is what helped me get through eight months of being separated from Harry.

When I read it in my devotional this morning, I recalled all of the times that Harry was gone and I said this verse, knowing that although I could not see him, Jesus was right there with me, keeping me company and offering comfort when I needed it. The USN could and did separate me from my husband, but nothing could separate me from Jesus! There were many more separations between Harry and me after that because the USN has a tendency to send sailors to sea. I would move to a new place and he would go to sea. I was left alone, with small children, to find friends and a new place in that new world. But I always knew that Jesus was with me and would help me get through another move and more changes. I don’t know what I would have done without knowing that the Lord was right by my side because I am very shy and introverted, so making friends was difficult, but Jesus led me to the right places and the right people, always letting me know that I was accepted already by Him.

Now that I am older, the first part of the verse has deep significance for me. Death cannot separate me from Jesus either! He has been with me for the last fifty plus years and when I die, I get to go be where He went before me, to prepare a place for me. Just as Harry went to South Carolina first and had a home ready for me when I moved (I was nine months pregnant then), Jesus has gone before me to Heaven and has prepared a place for me. He is just waiting for me to join Him when the time is right.

May you have a blessed day, always knowing that Jesus is right there with you and nothing can separate you from Him!

2 thoughts on “Never Separated

  1. Yes, Jesus is with us through difficult times, lonely times and in ever changing circumstances. Those times must have been difficult for you but I am sure it caused you to draw closer to God.
    I have had times when I had to be alone in a new place as my hubby went away to work ( different circumstances but caused us to live in different cities for a while) and it was knowing that the Lord was with me that helped me when I felt overwhelmed.

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