Self Care

Many days, in fact most days, I get out of bed after a quick “good morning” prayer to God and start my day frantically trying to rush through all the tasks that I have before me. Now that I am retired, I don’t have a set time to get up, but I still arise most mornings before six, take care of our cat, mix my flavored water and sit in my recliner to do my Bible devotional and my blood pressure. Some mornings, I have book reviews that are due so I work on posting those on social media. Then, I read the next book that is up for review, eat, take meds, etc. My day is not a busy one as many define busy, but it is busy enough for me that sometimes I get to the end of the day and find that I have not taken time just to be quiet, to relax and to wait to hear God’s voice.

Jesus called His disciples away to a quiet place, just to relax and eat and rest. Sometimes, I need to do that, too, and I’m certain that all of us do. We get so caught up in what has to be accomplished for the day that we forget to take time for self care. I know that I need to sometimes just take time to let myself relax, to not worry about online shopping that needs to be done or the reviews that are awaiting me, but just to be quiet and rest my mind and just be. Jesus thought self care was important, so I plan to take more time taking care of me. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t intend to be selfish or ignore needs, just to make sure that I take time to renew my spirit and to build up the energy I need so that I can better focus on what needs to be done and the priorities that I have to establish.

Self care is not being selfish, I don’t think. I believe that it is taking care of the vessel that God has given you to occupy until He takes you home to be with Him. Thus, I’m going to just set aside some time for me today and tomorrow and all of the other days that are coming. I need to just be with Jesus, rest and eat the spiritual food that He has set before me to nourish my soul. That is ultimately how my physical body will find renewal, too!

Have a wonderfully blessed day, but I strongly recommend some self-care be built into your busy schedule! Its an Rx from Jesus!

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