Who Is Your Mother?

Mothers are not a big focus in the Bible; rather it is the men, the fathers, who are mentioned most often. Therefore, the fact that my devotional today was about mothers was instantly interesting to me, so I think I read very closely to see what the theme was.

“His” refers to Abraham and Paul is addressing a dispute about whether Christians must live under the Mosaic Law and be circumcised. His argument is centered around the mother of each of Abraham’s children. Isaac was a child of promise, the one who was led away to be sacrificed but for whom God provided a ram in his place. He was the promised child that Sarah and Abraham waited for, the one Sarah laughed about because she overheard the prophecy that she would have a child in her old age. God brought His will to pass and gave her Isaac. Ismael, however, was the son of a slave woman named Hagar. Impatient to have a child, Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham and urged him to have a child with her. She was a child who came from the fleshly desire to have a child right away instead of waiting for God’s promise.

So, I ask again. Whose child are you? Are you a child of the law and the flesh or a child of the promise? That sounds easy enough to answer, doesn’t it? But if you are bound up by the law instead of walking in the freedom of the promise, then you are not truly free. Christ died to set us free from sin and death, so remember who your mother is and don’t return to bondage.

Have a blessed day, rejoicing in the fact that you are a child of the promise and giving glory to God for His great plan of salvation for us all.

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