I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating that God always answers our prayers. It may not be at the time we expect or how we expect, but there is always an answer. The answer is always Yes, No, or Not yet.

Yesterday was a waiting period for me for answers. I had a high blood pressure reading that refused to go down. I stayed in the bedroom where I’m sleeping, praying, reading, calling my daughter to agree with me in prayer. After a couple of hours, my headache was worse and when I checked my blood pressure, it was higher still. Having had a stroke already, I knew I had to remain calm and focus on positive things. Thus, yesterday’s post about thoughts.

This has been a verse that I have leaned on repeatedly. I really need Jesus to always guard my heart and mind so those anxious thoughts don’t slip in and make themselves at home there.

After about six hours of the headache and elevated blood pressure and continued prayer, the pain eased and the pressure started to go down. Finally, in mid-afternoon, I felt normal again. God’s timing is always perfect, even when I think He’s arriving with an answer a little late. Just after I started praising God for feeling better, my sister got a phone call telling her that the issue at her doctor’s office was resolved. She was approved for the medicine she needed. Big praise from me there! Her negative attitude did not stop right away but it got better and so did I. Sometimes, it takes more praise and less anxiety for the answer to be revealed. But God never stopped working on my behalf or for my sister, the root of my anxiety.

I don’t know what today will bring. I haven’t taken my BP yet this morning. But whatever comes, I know that God is in control. As my friend here on WordPress said in her post, God is THE boss!

God knows where I am and He is examining the path before me, moving obstacles and helping me not to stray or stumble.

Have a blessed and wonderful day, enjoying God’s presence in your life and watching for answers to prayers.

6 thoughts on “Answers

  1. Indeed: God answers all prayers, and all his answers are perfect, because all things are from him, through him, and for him (Romans 11:36). I find such comfort in that verse when my desires don’t match up with God’s plans. Praising God with you, Vicklea, that your blood pressure came down and your sister was able to get the medicine she needed!

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