What is Trust Like?

Image from bugwoodcloud.org

I want to think that I am like the tree by the water, just hanging around and growing, receiving nourishment from the roots that have dug deeply into the stream. That’s what I am supposed to be, totally trusting in God to supply al of my needs and not worrying about the next thing to come along that may disturb my peace. That heat that is coming cannot destroy me if I am rooted in the Lord and in spite of the circumstances all around me, I will continue to bear fruit. Is this true of my life all of the time? I could only wish that it were so. But it is what I aspire to…to be like the tree by the water, digging into the water that refreshes and keeps me growing. That’s what trust is. It is digging deep even when the circumstances seem to overwhelm us. It is knowing that the Lord is there to provide even when you don’t feel His presence or hear His voice. He has never left. Just like the stream, His presence is constant and will sustain us if we trust Him in all things. Having confidence in God doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen. It does mean, however, that when they do happen, we will be standing firmly in the assurance of His love and tender care. We stand…He cares.

Through It All by Andrae Crouch

Be blessed to be a blessing. Trust so that others can see your faith and believe in the God who is trustworthy!

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