Nothing Too Hard

Have you ever tried to do something and before you even started, you were feeling defeated, like you just couldn’t do it? Maybe it was a chore that you dreaded and had put off so long that the task itself seemed to multiply before you. Maybe it was a difficult conversation you knew that you needed to have with someone. Or maybe it was believing for a miracle from God in your situation. God is a good God, all the time and He always wants what is best for you. Be encouraged by the Scripture today and know that if God can bring Israel back from captivity in Babylon, He can also take care of whatever you are facing today.

The same God who created all of the earth and the heavens is watching over you and waiting for you to call on His name in faith, believing that nothing is too hard for Him.

Ah, Lord God-Don Moen

Have a blessed day filled with the possibilities of what God can do!

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