Crossing the Street

I am sure that you remember being a child and having the adult with you grab your hand at each intersection of the road, carefully taking you safely to the other side of the road. I still do this for my younger grandchildren. Even in crowded parking lots, I am quick to grab a hand in the hope that I can keep them safe from the cars that are coming from all directions.

Did you know that sin comes at us from all directions? These days, it is prevalent wherever we look. If we look in the newspaper, there it is! Listen to the radio or television, there it is! So how do we navigate to the other side safely?

God takes our hand, just as we take the hands of those we love in order to safeguard them. But just as we walk carefully and lovingly to the other side, so does God. He doesn’t grab our hand forcefully and pull us to the other side of the road. Rather, He takes our hand gently in His and leads us there. How is that possible? Because His Word is in our hearts, so we are constantly being led to the safe place where we can fellowship with Him instead of with evil. Yes, evil is rampant, but God is bigger and will always help us get to safety if that’s where we want to be. Unfortunately, many of us like the sins more than the Savior, so we choose to stay in the unsafe territory where we can be run down by the sins all around us, much as a speeding car can do at an intersection if we are not vigilant. Choosing to take God’s hand is the right choice and for me it is the only choice. We don’t need to be afraid of all of the sin that surrounds us; God is bigger, better and already victorious!

May you remember that God is always reaching out His hand to you to take you safely to the other side of the street, no matter how much chaos there is between you and safety. God bless you!

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