A Day to Anticipate

Almost everyone looks forward to certain days of the year: birthdays, Christmas, anniversary, etc. My favorite holiday has always been Easter. When I was a child, it was because that was the day I finally got to wear the special outfit that mama had gotten me for just that day. And, even better, we all went to church together! It was the only day of the year that my family went to church as a group, so I was happy to introduce them to the friends I had made going to church with my neighbor. Nowadays, there is a day that I am anticipating more than any other. It’s described in Scripture like this:

Only God knows when Jesus will return and the whole earth will be changed so that there is no more darkness or night. Won’t that be marvelous? In the meantime, knowing that the day is coming, it is imperative that we share the Gospel message with as many as we can.

We are studying the Book of Revelation in our Wednesday night Bible study and let me just say that I am excited about the end to come but also frightened for those in my family and my friends who have not yet come to the Lord. Waiting too long is not an option because we don’t know the hour when He will return, so we must always be ready. We also, as His ambassadors on earth, need to take as many people to the cross with us as possible. Unfortunately, we can’t drag them there; they have to go willingly, kneel at the cross and confess their sins to the Only One who can forgive them. Nevertheless, we are called to share, to sow those seeds and pray that some fall on ground that is ready to accept the truth of His Word.

Yes, I am excited about Jesus’s return and I know that the day is coming when there will be no more night, no more sin and darkness. But I am also excited about each new day that God has given me on earth to share His story and all He has done for me. Not being a respecter of persons, He can and will do the same for others. His salvation is for everyone, not just those of us who are anticipating the time of His reign. Since I believe the time is short, it is like a burning in my soul to tell as many as I can as often as I can and as much as I can about Jesus and how He came, He lived as man, He died, He forgives and they can live forever because He was willing to lay down His life for them. It is His great love that compels me to tell others, and I hope that you feel compelled as well.

Have a blessed day and may you reach out to others with the message of eternal life today!

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