Falling Down

As I have aged, I have discovered that the law of gravity seems to be more active in my life. As I told one of my physicians, “I don’t know how or why I fell. I was just walking, and then I wasn’t.” Fortunately, each time I have fallen, I have had the helping hand of my spouse to assist me in getting up.

Did you know that it is possible to fall in other ways, too? When we venture too far from the Lord and the reading of His Word, we have a tendency to “fall away” from Him. I don’t think that this is the law of gravity at work, however, because it is actually that we are moving away instead of toward Him. It is my belief that we are always moving in our relationship with God, either closer to Him or further away and that is based on our own choice. But God doesn’t leave us way out in left field, unable to get up and calling loudly for help.

No matter how far we get from the Lord, He is only a prayer away. We just call on His Name and He lifts us up. That is not to say that confession and repentance may not be necessary. It is saying, though, that God doesn’t just leave us there on the ground unless that is where we want to be, stubbornly refusing to call on Him for help. It is in our actions that we determine how much God will do for us because I firmly believe that He will not come in when He is not welcome. So, if you feel yourself getting further from God, ask yourself honestly who moved. I can assure you that it was not the Lord who moved away from you! Since you are the one who moved, then you can also be the one to move back and press in closer to the one who upholds and lifts you up.

May you be blessed with God’s grace, mercy and peace today and may you always strive to move closer to Him.

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