Words Matter

Have you ever thought of how many words you say every day? Ponder that. Then, think about how many of them are kind words, words that build up and encourage.

Encouragement should be as much a part of our being as Christians as reading God’s Word for the encouragement that we get from that. Consider that many do not read His Word (although we are in absolute agreement that they should), and the only encouragement that some may get is from what may come out of your mouth. The clerk is slow and you’re in a hurry. Be gracious anyway. The traffic is backed up and you feel like you’re going to explode with anger. The passengers in your car need to hear gracious words instead. In whatever situation we find ourselves, we can choose to use grace in our words. Give love with your words, not judgment and condemnation. It’s your opportunity that God has given you to represent how He would respond to frustrations and challenges. Just be kind. I saw a sign that had a familiar saying on it, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” You don’t have to accept sin. I am not saying that by any means. But no matter what is happening in someone’s life, you can make a difference with a kind word, just noticing that the other person needs your encouragement just as much as you need to take in the manna from God’s Word daily.

May your day be filled with the opportunity to reach out to others with kind words, offering needed encouragement and a picture of what kindness looks like.

6 thoughts on “Words Matter

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  2. Great reminder. I find it easier to be encouraging to stranger because I don’t know them. Those I am close to can be harder because I know them, seen them in action. But same works toward me, they know me , the good and the bad. It’s easier to say nice things to others if they have said them about me. How human I am when it comes to this, it discouraging to not hear compliments or a kind word through out our day. I grew up in that kind of home, my dad called us pitiful, never a thank you from him for even at least trying to do something he wanted. He came from that kind of home. I was determined to not be that way with others, especially with my children and husband. Every word in your post is spot on. Thanks.

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