Running the Race

I have heard most of my life as a Christian that life is like a race that we are running, towards the prize of eternal life.

I do believe that the race analogy is true. But something in my devotional this morning led me to open my eyes to a different observation about this truth.

Our life is not meant to be a race to the finish line, in my opinion. Rather, we are part of a relay race and are supposed to pass the baton of our faith on to the next generation. They will continue to run the race themselves, sharing the Gospel and spreading the good news that eternal life is the prize at the end of each individual’s race. It puts a smile on my face to know that when my life is over, others will continue to carry the banner of faith that has been shared with them by the saints who went before them. This is not a profound revelation, but it is one that opened my eyes to the kind of race I am running. Life with Jesus is not a sprint, but it is a relay race. The “leg” that I am running is only part of the race and I will one day leave the baton behind for others. That is why it is so important to share the Gospel message, so that the baton of His love, mercy and grace will not be dropped in mid-race, but it will continue to be passed on to the younger generations, those who need to hear and believe.

May you continue to run the race with persistence and consistent faith until the day that the Lord calls you to pass on the baton.

8 thoughts on “Running the Race

  1. As I recall, a relay team takes advantage of the various skills of its members: strong starters, those who can pass well, those who can receive the baton with confidence, those who can finish strong even with another runner on their heels. In the race of life, God equips us for the various positions where he places us. There’s great comfort in knowing we’re working as a team, and together we can accomplish great things (Ephesians 4:16)!

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