There are commercials frequently about how refreshing certain beverages are. But there is also spiritual refreshing. What is refreshing? According to the online dictionary, it means stimulating, reviving and to give rest. How do we as Christians get that refreshing?

Going to the throne of God once is not enough. We have to keep prayed up and consistently repentant. God forgives us each time we fall, but our responsibility is to be alert to sin and when we notice it encroaching into our lives, we have to repent and turn away from it. Then, we can experience the refreshing that comes from being in God’s presence.

Once we are refreshed, we don’t just sit back and wait for the next blessing to come. It is our duty to then go out and refresh the hearts of others. We can do that by sharing our testimony or by sharing truth from God’s word. It is refreshing to me to write my thoughts on scripture verses here in this blog. It is equally refreshing to read blogs of other believers who encourage me to continue in the faith.

May you truly be blessed today with a refreshing of your soul, mind and spirit.

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