Thankful for the Harvest

Thanksgiving is part of the harvest season. My understanding is that the pilgrims celebrated the bountiful harvest with the Native Americans who had planted it. Both were thankful for the food that was the result of the hard work that they had put into the soil. But the harvest that I am thankful for is the harvest of all of the souls that God is reaping. We have the benefit and the great pleasure of participating in that harvest by sowing the seeds into the hearts of the unbelievers and then waiting for the seed to ripen and bear fruit.

Sometimes it is hard to wait for the harvest to come. Sitting out in the field watching the corn will not make it grow any faster. But watering it, weeding it and caring for it diligently will assist in the growth that is going to come at the “proper time.”

God knows the time when the harvest is ripe and if you and I are not there with the person whose seed of faith we sowed, it will be okay, because God will provide someone else to reap. We should be thankful to be included in God’s miraculous plan of salvation.

We cannot sit around and moan because others get to do the reaping. Like the pilgrims once did, we just joyously celebrate the bountiful harvest and be glad that many souls are added to God’s kingdom for eternity. We are not in competition with one another to see how many we can bring to Heaven with us. We are all working together for the same goal, the glory of God and the eternal salvation of friends, family and even strangers.

The fall crops are mostly harvested now. The winter crops are in the ground, waiting for their harvest time. And the bumper crop of spring is right around the corner. God knows when the best time for harvesting is for each soul, and I am thankful that I am part of His harvest and even more thankful that I can tell others about Him and the truth of His Word. Yes, I am thankful for the harvest and for each of you who is part of it. What are you thankful for today?

May God bless you today with eyes that see the fields ripe and ready to harvest and the other fields that need seeds to be sown. We are blessed to be a blessing!

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