Thankful for God’s Comforting Presence

As everyone knows, today is Election Day in the United States and I hope you are all doing your civic duty and voting. My husband is working at the polls as a poll watcher. He enjoys getting out into the public and talking to folks who come to vote. I already voted since I knew that he would be at the polls all day today.

I awakened this morning with a headache and I attribute it to the weather change (the high today is in the 50’s and it has been almost 80 degrees for the last three days) as well as just a little bit of stress. What could cause that stress? Well, other than the election that is so important for our nation, but that isn’t really why. Our grandson has to go see the surgeon again on November 21st about his broken clavicle. It seems to be healing, but it is doing so very slowly. We are going to Maryland for Thanksgiving so I get to see family there. Grandchildren! Our fiftieth anniversary is coming up in April and we have been working on plans for a train trip across the U.S. Christmas is coming and I need to shop. And my youngest sister in Florida has a Cat 1 hurricane headed her way. So, why the stress? All of the above but not all at the same time. Anxious thoughts seem to wait until I am having a quiet moment and then, boom! They start attacking from all sides. Yes, I have my armor on and my helmet of salvation is firmly in place. But I need more and I find it in the comfort of God’s presence. That is what I am thankful for today. When my heart is rocketing around like a space ship out of control and the pain in my head is forcefully letting me know that I need to relax, then God shows Himself strong on my behalf, speaks calming words to me through His Word and the praise music that I listen to and gradually, my focus changes from the problems and task list to the Almighty God who is worthy to be praised.

God knows just the right words to speak to my heart to keep me focused on His goodness and not on the problems. He is so merciful and gracious to me and I sincerely appreciate His always being there, right on time!

No matter what you are facing today, remember that God is in control…of elections, trips, money issues, and even hurricanes. May you have a blessed and peaceful day!

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