Thankful for Trust

Unfortunately for me, I have spent most of my life trying to be a “people pleaser.” That means that I want people to accept me and what I do, so I try to make choices to please others. Sometimes, my choices are not the best ones for me, as I have learned from experience. However, I have learned and I am learning that I need to be able to totally trust in God who knows what is best for me and loves me just like I am. I don’t have to do anything to impress him or to earn His approval. I already have that. Being able to trust in His unfailing love and acceptance has freed me greatly from the bondage that is wrapped up in man’s opinion. I am learning that freedom. I confess that I am not there yet and that I have to work on it every day, but I am learning and that is good enough for now. I trust that God understands my struggles and meets me right where I am. He is such a good God and I am thankful that I can completely trust Him!

May each of you find the freedom that comes from trusting God’s opinion of you and not that of man. The Lord’s opinion, after all, is the only one that counts. Have a blessed day!

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