No Condemnation

I don’t know about you all, but I personally have a tendency to kick myself repeatedly and hard about my shortcomings, especially the things I can no longer accomplish because of my physical problems. For example, since I will be staying in Maryland doing childcare again, I have been very anxious about what I cannot do for the toddler in my care. It’s hard for me to keep up with his activity level, so I have just been doing the best that I can and praying that God guards him from danger.

When I take time to ponder what’s in my heart (anger at the woman who let my son down again for the second year in a row) and to repent and ask forgiveness for my unrighteous feelings, I know that God doesn’t condemn me. He knows what is is my heart and how I long to go home to my normal routine. God doesn’t condemn me because of me and my actions or thoughts; He doesn’t condemn me because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. It is truly finished, so that I can feel confident in my ongoing relationship with the Father.

Have a blessed day, knowing in your heart and mind that God does not condemn you but forgives and welcomes you as a beloved child. Not perfect, just forgiven!

2 thoughts on “No Condemnation

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  2. Praise God for his perfect love that forgives again and again while gently molding us into the people we want to be for him, full of the fruit of the Spirit and serving him with wholehearted joy. Thank you, Vickie, for humbly sharing situations from your own life where some might think condemnation is appropriate, but where God issues NONE. Hallelujah!

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