What does it mean to be a seeker, to seek God with all of your heart? I think that most of the time in most of my pursuits, I am half-hearted in my efforts. I do what I need to do to complete the task and no more. But I think a true seeker of God is “all in,” totally dedicated to finding out more about God’s character and truth from His word, wholeheartedly devoted to getting closer to Jesus. The goal of every Christian should be to be a seeker, not a watcher. A watcher just stands on the sidelines and views the action. The seeker jumps into the pool of the mysteries that are God, plunging completely into His Word and delving deeply into the secrets that His Spirit will reveal. I long to be a seeker daily and I am working on it, but I confess that sometimes I am only a watcher. I desire to find God in the ways that He wants to reveal Himself to me.

Have a beautiful and blessed day in the Lord. As you seek Him, may He give you the peace you need for the tasks for today.

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