One of the words that is not used often in today’s world but is one that is active is ”scoffers.” These people, according to are those who make fun of or mock beliefs, especially moral and religious ones. If you don’t look around and notice a boatload of scoffers in the world today, then I don’t think you are paying attention. I am concerned for those who mock God and His coming judgment because the “Day of the Lord” is coming whether they believe in it or not.

Thinking that they are secure in their own worship of self and their own choices of evil, they mock God and are kind of saying, “Uh-huh. Sure. God is going to judge and Jesus is returning. Yeah, right.” Unfortunately for them, that day is coming. We don’t have to know when; we just have to believe and wait.

The Day of the Lord will be a fearsome and terrible day, coming when we least expect it. As one who likes to be organized and prepared for every possible eventuality, I have studied the Scriptures for years about that coming day and what I am supposed to do to be ready. The answer are simple and straightforward, summarized by Peter.

Did you hear that flourish of trumpets that played a “ta=dah” kind of note? Since everything as we know it will be destroyed, we should be living godly and holy lives. We are not to join in with the scoffers, the unbelievers who are digging their own grave to the pit of eternity separated from God. We are to choose rightly, stay close to God and trust that in the end, He will take care of us. He took care of Moses, Daniel, Noah and Abraham and He is no respecter of persons. He loves us just as much and gives us a guidebook about how to be living while we wait. Just as you cannot adequately create a new dish in the kitchen or put together a complicated toy for Christmas without directions, neither can you lead a holy and godly life without the directions that are contained in the Holy Bible.

As you ponder the truth of God’s Word, may you be blessed with peace and the absolute certainty that God is indeed coming in judgment, but there is no fear for those who remain in Him. Have a blessed and wonderful day in the Lord!

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