A Wonderful Life

One of my favorite holiday movies that I have watched since I was very young is “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Clarence, the angel, is my favorite character as he guides George Bailey into accepting the fact that he is important to others in his life. I just want to say that I haven’t needed an angel to know that I have a wonderful life. I have found the Lord and He has found me, and together we have made my life wonderful.

I was lost in sin and darkness, hopelessly facing a future that was scary and intimidating. Once the Lord came into my life, no matter what I have faced, I have felt loved and cared for. The challenges have been plentiful, but the Lord has always been up to the task of helping me through them. I am an overcomer because of my relationship with the King of Glory!

There’s a lot of “shaking” going on in this old world, but God is the mountain in my life that won’t allow me to be shaken along with everything else. With my eyes fixed on Him, I stand firmly and wait for the shaking to cease.

I love the word picture from this Scripture! A well-watered garden is exactly what I want to be and I go daily to the spring of life found in God’s Word in order to receive the water that I need for that day. It is in Him that I have found the wonderful life that I craved but dared not hope for in my youth. Now I am old and I can look back and see the battles that I have fought and won, with God’s help.

Have a blessed day and remember that you, too, have a wonderful life in the Lord! He is sufficient and always will be.

4 thoughts on “A Wonderful Life

  1. When I was teaching middle school English, I was appalled to learn that only one of my students had ever seen “It’s a Wonderful Life.” So, with the administration’s permission, the class watched it the three days before Christmas break, discussing things like foreshadowing, irony, and other literary concepts. Years later I got a Facebook message from one of them, thanking me for introducing her to that movie. She was sharing it with her husband, who also had had a deprived childhood. 😉

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