I am spending most of my days lately watching a toddler try very hard to discover new capabilities and doing some very scary and perhaps dangerous things in his quest. I am thankful that God watches over me as I try to discover new things and likely venture into dangerous areas, too. I am very thankful for the Holy Spirit who guards me from harm and leads me away from danger and towards the right way. God is there to protect you, if you invite Him to be there in your life.

Even in my sleep, God watches over me and gives me gentle rest. As I watch little Nathan sleep in total peace, it is a perfect picture of the rest that God gives each of us. We are so busy, so very active, moving from one thing to another, just like an inquisitive toddler. Then, when it is rest time, we fully relax into the arms of the One who loves us and watches over us while we sleep. I used to say the “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer, and I must admit that I sometimes still do as I drift off to slumberland. The prayer comforts me, knowing that I can completely rest because God is still actively watching over me.

May you be blessed with the knowledge that God is always watching over you and leading you away from things that could harm you.

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