My Covenant with God

I really didn’t understand when I first became a Christian that I was making a commitment to honor and revere God forever. I recall excitement about spending eternity with Him and not fearing death, but I do not recall the fact that I had a part in this covenant relationship, too. I am committed to spending the rest of my life serving the One who served me by sacrificing His life for me. The best way for me to serve has been to ask God daily what He wants me to accomplish and then work on achieving it. I honor Him when I do my best at the tasks He has given me to do. I revere and fear Him when I show respect for His Name and His Word. He is the Only One worthy of all of my love, honor and respect. The covenant that we make with God when we are saved from our sins works two ways. We need to acknowledge that God desires a relationship with us and work on establishing daily communication with Him. It never shows respect to turn away from God while we pursue our own pleasures. In acknowledging that God is always with me, I am more likely to be careful what I see, do and say because I want to be pleasing to Him. He wants me to be comfortable in my choices and I can only do that if I am making choices that prioritize His importance in my life. Thus, I may choose not to review a book that is objectionable or watch a show that others are raving about. I don’t do these things to be noticed by people but so that God sees that I am honoring my covenant with Him to put Him first and not do anything that would dishonor Him. Have I fallen and disappointed Him? Yes, more times than I can count. But He is always faithful to pick me up, remind me of His sacrifice being enough to sustain me and encourage me to move on, forgiven by His grace and mercy that never end. I’m in a covenant with God, but it is not an equal one as we think of covenants on earth because not only did God establish this covenant with me, but He is constantly renewing it and showing me how much He still loves me in spite of my failures.

He has never stopped loving me and for that I am thankful.

May your day be blessed with the knowledge of just how much God loves you and sustains you each day.

5 thoughts on “My Covenant with God

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