A Potpourri of Verses

As I spent time reading God’s Word and my devotionals this morning, several verses spoke to my heart, so I will share each of them with you and pray that they will also touch you wherever you are and whatever circumstance you are facing.

Hoping in the Lord is not some “pie in the sky, by and by” promise. It is real because God is real and we can be strong because we do hope in Him. Our hope is not in leaders of the world or even in ourselves. Our hope is in the One who made us and all that we can see around us. During this season of joy, it’s easy to forget that some are mourning and struggling through the days. I pray that they can find hope in a relationship with the One who loves them most.

I always thought of this verse in terms of material or physical things, but today the Lord showed me that the hope that has been fulfilled is Jesus Christ coming to earth and planting the tree of eternal life in our souls. We don’t have to wait; he is right there beckoning us to accept Him as our Lord and Savior. Good news!

Many times, I get ahead of the Lord and move at my pace instead of His. The best thing I can do is to wait quietly for Him to show me the next step, for it is in the waiting that I find the right path that leads ultimately to salvation.

We don’t shine because of who we are. We shine because we reflect the glory of the Son, the One who came as a child and grew to be a man who died for us. It is a wise person who recognizes Jesus for who He is and allows Him to be King of your heart, soul and mind.

I hope that at least one of these verses spoke to your heart today and ministered to you. Let me know in the comments if that is so or another verse that is calling out to you today. We are all in this together, rowing the boat towards Heaven, and encouraging each other daily with His Word.

May the Lord bless you and you bless others. Have a wonderful day of peace and worship in the Lord!

3 thoughts on “A Potpourri of Verses

  1. Isaiah 26.3, 4 always give me encouragement and hope.
    Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. 4 Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:

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