Love Without End

I know that my husband loves me even though he gets irritated with me sometimes. We are very different people. I am the one who wants everything in its place and calm, quiet times at home. He likes piles of things everywhere and to go and see new things. Nevertheless, we have managed to stay married for almost five decades, putting up with each other’s strange ways and loving each other in spite of it. Or maybe because of our differences? I have never been sure of that, but I am sure of his love for me.

I am equally convinced that God loves me and oftentimes, He does so in spite of me, my actions and my behavior. He loves me because He made me and knows exactly who I am and loves me anyway. That is something I can count on. I cannot see God, but I can feel His love for me each time He sends the Comforter to be with me and whisper the words from the Scripture that I need to hear at the right moment that I need it. I know that He loves me when I feel His protection all around me in scary situations. I feel His love surrounding me when I am feeling weak or tired, what I tell others is just “bone weary.” Yes, God loves me, but He also loves each of you and wants you to know it. He wants you to hold His love for you deep in your soul where it will always be with you, no matter the challenges you face in life. God is not a respecter of persons (no favoritism with Him), so His love is never-ending and unchanging for each of us. Good news! God loves me and you, sometimes in spite of us, but always because He is love!

May the Lord bless you and keep you and may His eternal love shine in your life, reaching to others who need to know that they, too, are loved!

7 thoughts on “Love Without End

  1. Well said, Vickie! My wife and I were married 52 years yesterday and we also are quite different from one another, yet, as you say, God has moulded us into one and that in itself is amazing. God is indeed the source of all love and sometimes I am literally amazed how He can manifest that love that a husband and wife can have for one another, in our hearts. That love continues to grow daily, in spite of, and we also are encouraged, because it speaks of His love for us and our growing love for Him. God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours!

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    1. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year, Bruce! I’m always encouraged to see longevity in a marriage. Today’s couples seem to be doing trial periods or not getting married at all. It’s disheartening but it is a sign of the times.

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  2. I think it’s interesting that it takes time for us to learn that God really does loves us, all the time, and will always love us. I know that truth now, deep in my spirit and soul; but I like that I will continue learning about His love forever.

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