Grace and Truth

This is the reason that we celebrate the birth of Jesus. He came in the flesh to be a man on earth and walk among mankind. It was like the Lord God came and stepped into the neighborhood and decided to make His home there. He brought to the earth grace and truth. Grace is what saves us; it is God’s undeserved mercy that takes away all of our sins so that we can stand before Him, righteous and clean. We did nothing while He did it all for us on the cross. The truth that Jesus brought is what sets us free. We are freed from the curse of the law, freed to come before the Lord God as many times a day as we want, without going through a priest or a lot of ceremony. We can have a conversation with our Heavenly Father because Jesus showed us the truth of how to have a relationship with God. We just have to confess, repent and be the person He created us to be. In my devotional two days ago, this verse was the central focus and the video that I watched from the YouVersion inspired this post. One of the things the speaker said in the video stuck with me, “Lean on His grace and live by His truth.” It is in the leaning and the living that we find the pathway to eternal life and thus we have the reason for the season!

Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas Eve as you ponder Jesus’s birth, life and sacrifice which left behind His grace and His truth for each of us to enjoy forever.

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