No Excuse

Look all around you. There is evidence of God’s everywhere we look, so mankind is without excuse to believe in God. I have friends who say that they cannot possibly believe in a supernatural power whom they cannot see. Well, have they seen the wind? The recent blast of wintry air was a testament to God’s power and His presence. No one can see the wind, yet we know it exists because we dress in layers to protect ourselves from the cold that it brings. Some say that they cannot believe in God who doesn’t control all of the evil in the world. Hmm. Why does evil exist? Not because of God but because of man’s choices. We continue to laugh in the face of God and to refuse to acknowledge His sovereignty and then we claim that we are angry at God because of all of the evil that is taking over the world. Once again. If you want to know the source of evil, check out the choices that mankind is making. Building museums to honor unholy practices of matrimony, exhorting politicians who steal from the people they serve, and in general calling the things that God calls sin as okay. So, once again, there is no excuse. One day, we will all stand before God and give an accounting to Him for our lives. We cannot stand there and say that we had no idea that God actually existed because He shows us each day that the sun rises, the moon comes up, the tides roll, the rains pour down. God is showing us His sovereignty in nature and in all of the creatures around us.

Even the animals know that God exists. Mankind, in trying to establish his own control over his life, has denied the existence of God, much to their eternal detriment if they don’t repent and turn away from such foolishness. God is in control and there is no excuse not to know that and to give Him the glory due His Name.

May the Lord who does indeed exist bless you with the knowledge of His power, grace and mercy.

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