Start the New Year with Praise

Yesterday, the calendar flipped a page and the year became new, a clean slate, ready for you to write on it your plans for each day. But, as you contemplate what those plans will be, I urge you to first spend time with God, praising Him for a new year and a new beginning. Maybe last year was particularly hard for you or perhaps it was a great year for you and you have no idea how you would ever top it. God doesn’t want to change your plans. He wants to change you so that you will know His heart and follow His pathway for you. I think it all begins with praise.

We go to sporting events and wear strange colors and shout for a team that will entertain us for the next couple of hours. Why don’t we spend more time exalting the one who holds us in the palm of His hand and who loves us with an everlasting love?

When we lived in Maine, I was always happy to get behind the snow plow because I knew that he was clearing the road for me to drive on so that I didn’t wander off the road into a ditch or slide off into the surrounding landscape. I think of God as my snow plow, going before me and clearing the way. But it’s not just any path that He is clearing; it is the path that He has prepared for me to take, if I just trust Him to lead. First praise, then trust, then step out into the new year filled with endless possibilities. Mostly, it is filled with God’s promises that we can claim as we get closer to our Maker.

May your New Year be blessed with praise, thanksgiving, and trust.

By the way, I don’t do resolutions. But I do a word for each year. Last year’s word was “trust.” This year’s word is “listen.” I want to be attuned to listen to the voice of the Lord and to actively listen to those around me instead of being absorbed in my own life. Do you have a word for the year. Feel free to share it in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Start the New Year with Praise

  1. As this year awakened, my thoughts were recycling last year’s journey with its challenges and disappointments. Then I praised God for walking with me through each one. My word for this year is Hope. As I reflect daily upon this word, my thoughts will remind me how God filled my hope so many times in the past year. In this year, He will be walking with me as He always does.

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    1. Our daughter’s name is Hope and her positive attitude encourages me daily. May you find the hope you need as you continue to encourage others with your uplifting and inspiring poetry.


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