Other Gods

I believe that everyone has a god that they worship, although they don’t call it worshipping. They just call it how they choose to live their lives. These days, with media everywhere, it is easy to see who or what these gods are and how fake they are. At least, it’s easy for me and other Christians. I once heard a story about a bank teller who said that they are trained to recognize counterfeit bills by only touching the ones that are real. They have a certain “feel” to the paper and the ink on it. That’s how we Christians can note the difference between our very real God and all of the fakes that are out there. We spend our time with the God who made Heaven and earth, our Creator, our Redeemer and our Father.

Man has tried to make himself other gods for a long time now. This passage from Jeremiah warns that the gods that mankind sets up for itself are not really gods. What are some of these things? There is not enough time to list them all, but I had a wise pastor who once told his congregation that anything you value above God is your god. So, anything more important to you than spending time with God is your god. In today’s world, many people have made themselves into their own mini-gods, trying desperately to make themselves happy with more money, more pleasure, more things. Because their altar is built for themselves, they live a fruitless life of always chasing a dream that is never enough. Our world today is in a sad state in which the God of the Universe is relegated to the end of the line while people pursue entertainment, riches and glory for themselves. Only the One true God can satisfy the needs of man, but they are failing to recognize that because they are too busy with their other gods. I challenge you today to consider what you spend most of your time with. What do you use your twenty four hours daily to do? Working is the natural response. But what about the rest of the time? Or is work (your career) your god? I implore you to turn to the only God who offers you security, safely, happiness, comfort and eternal life and leave your other gods on the shelf for a while. Spend some time in worship and let God be God in your life.

Have a blessed day establishing your relationship with the Only One who will ever truly make a difference in your life!

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