What We Leave Behind

Many today are concerned about leaving an inheritance for their children and grandchildren. My husband and I have never had a lot, but we have had enough. Unfortunately, our children will not be rich when we die, but we hope to leave them riches that cannot be counted. The inheritance we hope to leave is that we pray that the lives that they continue to lead after we leave this earth will be one that is filled with the Word of God, His Spirit, His truth, His peace and His mercy and grace. We are counting on the promise that when we train children in the way that they should go, as they age, the knowledge of God will come back to them. Of course, they still have a free will, but I am believing that the inheritance that I leave behind will be one of eternal value.

May you wisely spend your time, money and effort where it really counts, on winning the souls of your loved one to the Lord. Earthly wealth soon disappears but the knowledge of God is forever. Have a blessed day!

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